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Welcome to the International Forensics & Business Institute (IFBI)Caribbean Forensics & Services Campus. IFBI provides training in Certified Forensic Accounting Programs and in casework engagements in Forensic AccountingForensic Auditing and Fraud Examination investigations as well as in Forensic Document & Handwriting Examinations. IFBI offers of range of high quality certified programs to Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and the international community. 

IFBI remains the established, recognized institution for professional forensic training and expertise of the highest quality provided to students and clients in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean region and internationally. IFBI is the only professional forensic institute in the Caribbean that has court qualified, practicing forensic experts who can certify your forensic training thereby satisfying the international ASTM standards for forensic training. This means that successful graduates can have their reports used up to court acceptability standards. It is simple with us - if you want to receive training in forensics why not train with the institute that specializes in it, who provides your training with experts and who has the experts to certify your training.  And if you want forensic accounting, forensic auditing and document examination reports why not get it from court qualified experts.  IFBI also offers high quality business and accounting programs to complement its forensic training. 

If you are seeking forensic accounting training in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and internationally, forensic accounting, forensic auditing, fraud examination services,  forensic document examination & handwriting  services, forensic science training, the services of a forensic expert, forensic accountant, forensic auditor, forensic document examiner, handwriting expert or fraud examiner in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean or internationally then IFBI is the one for you. If you are also seeking innovative business programs and training then go no further than IFBI. For a full list of our Expert forensic services visit our Services page. 


IFBI is an EduQual U.K. Accredited Institution and full member of  IAAER & ASTM International                                                       


IFBI is an EduQual U.K. Accredited Centre
EduQual is U.K. regulated awarding body under SQA Accreditation a globally recognised regulator.
IFBI is also a full member of ASTM International, The International Association of Accounting Education & Research (IAEER) and
the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) all of which are included in your IFBI qualifications giving your qualifications a premier global outreach!

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 International Forensics & Business Institute offers a range of forensic and business programs and training workshops. All our lecturers are highly qualified and all of your IFBI forensic training will be certified by Court qualified practicing forensic experts- satisfying the ASTM highest levels of training. That means when you graduate from IFBI any work you do will satisfy court acceptability standards. In fact IFBI is the only professional Caribbean institute that offers this level of forensic certification. Our Business programs are fully accredited and are far more affordable and lexible than programs offered elsewhere. 



Our Highly acclaimed One-Year Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection Program

Professional Master's Program in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection


Fundamentals of Practical Accounting & Practical Auditing Programs


CSI Forensic Science 1Yr-Year Program


Training Seminar /Workshops


Counterfeit Detection Program

Business & Diploma Programs


Benefits of training at International Forensics & Business Institute
  • All training at IFBI is certified by a court qualified expert. This means that your forensic training can always be used at the highest levels and will not be challenged at the legal level.
  • IFBI's expertise has received training from or holds memberships from such prestigious institutions such as the US Secret Service, US Department of the Treasury, De La Rue UK, Rochester Institute of Technology, ACFE, Canadian Society of Forensic Science. among others. All this is brought to bear in the teaching of our programs to your benefit.
  • IFBI's main course instructor is widely regarded by the courts as Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean's leading forensic expert specialising in the scientific detection of fraud and white collar crime. IFBI urges all prospective forensic students to to your own due diligence on your trainers. If you receive forensic training from improperly trained instructors then any reports you issue later on can be challenged in court thereby rendering all training virtually meaningless. Always ensure in forensic training you get your training from court qualified experts.
  • IFBI is undoubtedly the Caribbean's leading provider of professional forensic expertise and training. IFBI's expertise has performed casework analysis in over 3,000 cases and provided training to individuals in almost all of the major governmental, law enforcement, statutory, banking, legal, and private organisations in T&T, as well as in the Caribbean and Internationally. You can visit our About Us page for further details.
  • IFBI is thus able to provide the highest levels of professional forensic training. We do not recycle easily available generic information as programs. Neither do we use 'Textbook' lecturers who simply read from textbooks and provide students with no real world experience in this important subject area. All of our training is provided at the expert level by qualified specialists in an easy to understand manner.
  • Forensic programs are some of the fastest growing, lucrative and exciting career advancement possibilities available in today's world. Ensure that your forensic training is the best. Get your training from International Forensics & Business Institute.
  • International Forensics & Business Institute is an Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago Registered Institution. 


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Register Today for our long running, highly acclaimed Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection one-year program!

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Next class for the 2020/21 Academic Year begins on Saturday 26th September 2020 in San Fernando. Time 9.30 am to 12.00 noon.  Register today!.
Only IFBI in the Caribbean region can satisfy ASTM standards for forensic training by having your training certified by a court qualifed forensic expert!


International Forensics & Business Institute is an EduQual Accredited Institution 

IFBI is an Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) Registered Institution

 IFBI is also a member of:

ASTM International

International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), USA

International Association for Accounting Education & Rersearch  (IAAER)



 IFBI is a premier global leader of the highest quality forensic & business training and expertise

 The mission of IFBI is make affordable, accessible and deliver the highest quality forensic and business training across the globe

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International Forensics & Business Institute specialising in forensic training and expertise and now business training