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What you should know about forensic training
Forensic training is important as the reports issued by forensic specialists carry great significance attached to them. That is why it is essential that when you receive forensic training that it comes from properly qualified and reputable persons and organisations. The ASTM standards for forensic training suggest that forensic training should come from court qualified forensic experts. If you wish for your forensic training to reach court acceptability levels then you should ensure that your training instructors are properly qualified i.e. court qualified experts who can also ceritfy your training. If this is not done then it is likely that any reports prepared by you and you yourself can be disqualified from being used in legal matters thereby rendering any such training virtually worthless. If you are asked, has your trainer been deemed an expert by the courts, can you answer yes?. As IFBI you can certainly answer yes to that question.
The hallmark of the International Forensics & Business Institute is that we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality forensic expertise and training possible and all of our training is provided by court qualified experts !
Forensic programs are some of the fastest growing, lucrative and exciting career advancement possibilities available in today's world. Ensure that your forensic training is the best. Study at the International Forensics & Business Institute.
Choosing the length of your training
The length and type of forensic training you receive are also important. If you wish to improve your CV or add to your training and qualifications or begin developing your forensic skills and do not wish to study for a longer period then short term training is quite good. However, if you wish to be considered a specialist in the field of forensic accounting then longer training periods are a must. If you spend lots of money for a program and when asked by Counsel how may days of training have actually received and your answer is a mere few days then you and your reports will hardly ever be used in any forensic deliberations. So it is also important to consider the length and type of training you wish to pursue and for what purpose you want your training for. If you are asked, has your trainer been deemed an expert by the courts, can you answer yes?. At IFBI you can certainly answer yes to that question. We offer the full one-year certified program, and the Associate and Master's programs for those who wish to study even further. Of course we also offer shorter version programs for those who wish to add to their credentials. As importantly, in keeping with ASTM standards, always ensure that your forensic training always comes from court qualified forensic experts for your studies, your work and your qualifications to always meet the highest standards! IFBI continues to provide forensic training of the highest standards and always delivered by court qualified experts!

Important Information!
Caribbean Forensics & Financial Fraud Institute (CFI) has been receiveing enquiries concerning another organisation which bears a name similar to ours leading to some confusion. Please note that Caribbean Forensics & Financial Fraud Institute (CFI) is not associated or affiliated in any way whatsoever any  local company that bears a similar name.
Recently there has been newspaper articles of someone of that institute making political allegations including a Newsday article listing that person as a 'suspended ACCA student'. Please be advised that is NOT our Institute or anyone associated with our institute. We completely distance ourselves from the contents of such articles. All our senior academic personnel are bonafide experts in their respective fields. Our educators must possess at  least a first degree or possess ACCA or similar qualifications. We do not use unqualified personnel for our  programs since that can render any potential students' forensic qualification to be virtually useless if they are administered by unqualified personnel. Please note that our Institute's policy is that we also do not make politcal pronouncements.
Caribbean Forensics & Financial Institute (and now IFBI), however, does pride itself in being the region's premier provider of professional forensic training and expertise. We possses our own unique vision and policies of how forensic training and services should be provided. We possess court qualified experts and for over sixteen years our expertise has provided services in over 3000 cases and training to individuals and organisations for almost all the major state and private orgainsations both locally and in the caribbean region. Our About Us page gives details of our Institute. Caribbean Forensics & Financial Fraud Institute is an Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago registered institution.

Articles of Interest 

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Photo Gallery

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