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  • Benefits of studying at IFBI
  • Understanding the U.K. RFQ qualifications Framework
  • IFBI's extensive range of professional membership and accreditation
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Benefits of Studying at IFBI

 At IFBI we put our students needs first. We are invested in and work with our students to ensure your success.  There are numerous benefits to studying at the International Forensics & Business Institute (IFBI)

  • IFBI offers a range of programs from Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Certificate levels to satisfy all of our students' needs.
  • IFBI offers a range of programs in exciting, exclusive, specialized, lucrative and fast growing fields and popular subject areas including forensic accounting, accounting, auditing, risk & compliance, forensic science, business, criminal justice, law and many more.
  • IFBI programs are far more manageable, affordable and attainable as compared to the more lengthy, difficult and costly other programs and institutions. Our accredited graduate diploma (degree level 6) programs can be completed in just 9 months as compared to costs and time of other 3 and 4 year college degrees and our post graduate (master's level 7) in just one year
  • IFBI offers programs with a professional rather academic or ‘textbook only' emphasis. In this way IFBI graduates could easily transition to the workplace and begin performing with full competence from day one
  • The last few years of the digital age has seen a revolution of attaining work related professional qualifications as compared to older traditional methods. Be part of it.
  • IFBI qualifications allow graduates to work in governmental or public organizations, private companies, large or small, or work as independent professionals providing work and consultancy to the various industry sectors.
  • For specialized programs such as Forensic Accounting, IFBI graduates also get certified by IFBI court qualified experts in keeping with international guidelines so graduates' work can be used at the highest levels such as court acceptable standards. Graduates can also become members of other international organizations such as the IACA.
  • IFBI possesses a combination of very experienced lecturers and practicing professionals including court qualified experts so students not only get academic benefit but real world experience. Some of the organizations our team has received training from include the United States Secret Service, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Rochester Institute of Technology, EduQual U.K, among many others. The benefit of all this is passed to you, our students.
  • IFBI is undoubtedly the Caribbean's leading provider of quality professional programs and expertise. IFBI's expertise has delivered quality programs to students and professional services for over 20 years and over 3,000 cases. Our students and clientele come from across all countries and industry sectors including major governmental, law enforcement, statutory, financial, legal, private organisations and private individuals; in T&T, the Caribbean and Internationally.
  • IFBI is a full EduQual U.K. Accredited Centre. EduQual is U.K. regulated awarding body under U.K. SQA Accreditation a globally recognized regulator. EduQual is also a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB). All IFBI's main qualifications are also accredited and issued by EduQual.
  • IFBI is also a proud member of and subscribes to several other prestigious international bodies including, ASTM International, International Association of Accounting Education & Research (IAAER) and the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA). All these are included with your IFBI certification making your IFBI qualification a premier global award. 

   Fulfill your dreams and goals and advance your professional development, your career and your future with an exciting, manageable and affordable IFBI qualification today! 



Understanding the UK Qualifications Framework

The last five years has seen a significant change in the U.K and global education and accreditation with levels now being assigned to the qualification. This way institutions and employers across the globe can now easily understand the level of qualifications achieved by students. No longer do students have to study for 3 to 4 years to obtain a degree level qualification or 2 -3 years for a master's level qualification if they do not wish to do so for high cost or lengthy time reasons. Under the framework students could still now obtain those levels of qualifications  but in a shorter period of time and still be accredited and recognized in the framework and by employers.

The U.K. RQF framework lists the Qualifications Levels as follows

 Level 8  - PhD  / Doctorial

 Level 7  - Master's Degree / Post Graduate

Level 6  - Degree / Graduate

Level 5 - Advanced Diploma  / Associate Degree

Level 4 - Diploma

Level 3 - Certificate

Click Here for a detailed look at the UK Qualifications Framework




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